Webinar XV: Using RE to discuss religious violence and terrorism

Webinar XV: Using RE to discuss religious violence and terrorism

How RE, PSHE and Citizenship education can help you discuss sensitive issues

Thursday 10th December2015 | 4:00pm–4:45pm (45 minutes)
Increasingly international events, such as the Paris attacks, highlight the prominence of religiously inspired violence and terrorism taking place around the world.

It is leading to the need for teachers and schools to think about how best to approach conversations and dialogue with their pupils. Coupled with the new Prevent duty, which requires schools to prevent children being drawn to extremism, discussions on these subjects can be daunting for teachers.

They are required to be conversant with terms like radicalisation, terrorism and extremism and understand how (or if) these terms relate to one another. Consequently, this webinar will:

  • Explore how different religions address the issue of violence;
  • Show how sensitive and controversial issues relating to religious violence and terrorism can be effectively addressed through RE, PSHE and Citizenship;
  • Highlight good entry point methods that can be used with younger pupils in broad-based discussions about violence and terrorism;
  • Provide examples of great questions you can use with your pupils to get them to talk about their feelings about these topics.


Claire Clinton, Religious Education Advisor

Claire Clinton is an experienced teacher within EYFS, Primary and Secondary education. She has over 20 years of classroom experience, and 16 years of advisory work at a national and local level. Claire is presently the Religious Education Advisor for the London Borough of Newham for eight years prior to which she was a RE consultant for the London Borough of Redbridge and Essex County Council.

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