Webinar XIV: RE and Citizenship Education

Webinar XIV: RE and Citizenship Education

How citizenship education can foster understanding between different faiths.

Thursday 26th November 2015 | 4:00pm–4:45pm (45 minutes)

Over the past year, much focus has been placed on the role of citizenship education, PSHE and RE in meeting the needs of the range of pupils SMSC and cultural development to help them prepare for modern life in Britain.

As with other areas of the curriculum, citizenship education is not explicitly covered in the school inspection framework for primary schools, but it is a crucial subject that can equip young people to deal with situations of conflict and controversy knowledgeably and tolerantly. Citizenship education also helps pupils develop knowledge, skills and understanding that they need to play a full part in society as active and responsible citizens. Pupils can learn about politics, parliament and voting as well as human rights.

Citizenship education can also help pupils understand and respect cultures other than their own: bringing out the value of differences while respecting and affirming the universality of human rights principles.

Teaching citizenship effectively can be brought to life using real issues and events in local to global contexts. Consequently, this webinar will:

  • Show how RE can promote citizenship education in your schools;
  • Understand how RE and citizenship lessons can:
    • Benefit your pupils when they engage with interfaith activities;
    • Embed Fundamental British Values of tolerance and mutual respect within your school.


Claire Clinton, Religious Education Advisor

Claire Clinton is an experienced teacher within EYFS, Primary and Secondary education.  She has over 20 years of classroom experience, and 16 years of advisory work at a national and local level. Claire is presently the Religious Education Advisor for the London Borough of Newham for eight years prior to which she was a RE consultant for the London Borough of Redbridge and Essex County Council.

Sarah Kilou

Sarah Kilou is a Regional Manager at the Citizenship Foundation, which inspires young people to take part in society as equal members. She leads the delivery of its flagship citizenship programme, Go Givers, which is aimed at primary school pupils. Supporting children’s SMSC learning, Go Givers stimulates children’s imaginations, develops empathy and provides opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving.

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