Visit to Thurlow Primary

Representatives from the Maimonides Foundation, the charity behind Interfaith Explorers and partner with Edisonlearning, spent an exciting morning at Thurlow Primary meeting pupils who have been exploring the resource.

The class were keen to share their learning and show the results from their individual research projects into aspects of the three Abrahamic Faiths. Pupils also shared their feedback on what they have enjoyed in the unit and how it has helped them appreciate the importance in learning about different cultures before moving to Secondary school where they are likely to meet pupils from a wider range of cultures and backgrounds. The class were also able to share their some of their thoughts about the issues raised in the unit including stereotyping. Ben told us ‘Everybody’s different but the same on the inside...Stereotype is when you see a type of people and think they are all the’s not helpful because it puts in your head who you do like or don’t like by thinking about the first person’

Thank you Thurlow Primary for a wonderful morning and sharing all your exciting work with us.