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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Interfaith Explorers Autumn Workshops!

Interfaith Explorers is a UNESCO-supported free online primary educational learning resource designed to add value to RE and PSHE and to intentionally develop core personal and social competencies. A highly-engaging six-week programme of activities for children in their last year of primary school, it has been developed to promote understanding of religious and cultural diversity, as well as to understand the spectrum of viewpoints that they will encounter throughout their lives. The programme aims to produce successful learners, responsible 21st century citizens and confident individuals. 

The learning unit at the heart of the Interfaith Explorers programme is designed to give teachers everything they need to plan a half-term programme of learning. It fulfils the need for a trustworthy bank of resources to which teachers can turn when helping pupils to explore different faiths and cultures, as well as helping answer pupils’ questions about challenging and difficult topics they may be confronted with as they grow up. It uses the many similarities between the three Abrahamic faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – to help pupils understand and deal with any challenging issues they face and which may present ethical and moral dilemmas. 

The workshop will provide an opportunity for those attending to explore the website and Learning Unit and become familiar with the teacher advice and support. It will also showcase the rich bank of resources that are available for pupils to explore and provide a guide to navigate the website and materials.

It will also allow for initial planning both in and across schools. The suggestion is that this is an ideal resource to use during the second half of the summer term. 

Schools that attend the workshop and then confirm they will use the resource will have the possibility of a VIP visiting in the New Year to speak to pupils. 

Workshops are happening in 

Midlands - workshop already taken place




More dates and locations launching in the next couple of weeks...... Keep in touch for the latest details