Interfaith Week 2013 challenge takes children on an exciting adventure of discovery to help them value the cultural diversity of modern Britain

The premise that there is more that unites us than divides us is at the heart of Interfaith Explorers,  a UNESCO-endorsed free online primary educational learning resource designed to add value to RE and PSHE lessons, and aid schools  meeting their SMSC requirements under the Ofsted Inspection framework. 

It’s a message with particular resonance during this year’s Inter Faith Week (Sunday 17 – Saturday 23 November), aimed at enabling greater interaction of people from different backgrounds, strengthening interfaith learning at all levels, and celebrating diversity. During the week, Interfaith Explorers is setting a challenge to all teachers to see how many activities on the website they can get their pupils to do as part of a national primary schools Interfaith Week Challenge

Rokhsana Fiaz OBE, chief executive of The Maimonides Interfaith Foundation behind the Interfaith Explorers resource says “It is our ambition for every child in the UK to be excited by the challenge of interfaith exploration and Interfaith Explorers offers a new approach to interfaith understanding through a creative journey of adventure and quality learning. So, as Interfaith Week approaches, we are challenging all Primary Schools to get involved in an exciting adventure of discovery by taking up our Interfaith Challenge. Using as many of our taster activities as possible during the week, we want schools to share their experiences with us so that we can promote all their efforts to the wider British community. You can also download certificates for your pupils and school which will recognise your efforts!” 

Interfaith Explorers is based on the belief that Young 21st century citizens need to embrace cultural diversity and be open-minded to explore, understand and respect differences, while at the same time recognising and embracing the many similarities between people. 

As well as supporting teachers in promoting Interfaith Week, the Interfaith Explorers challenge also supports RE and PSHE lessons covers curriculum points ranging from literacy and numeracy to music, art and design. Research-based learning and teaching is built in throughout. It supports schools in offering ‘a curriculum which is balanced and broadly based’ as stated in The National Curriculum in England Framework Document 2014; alongside promoting ‘the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society’. 

The excitement of adventure is an important dimension of Interfaith Explorers, as it encourages young people to view the exploration of religious and cultural diversity as a fun and exciting endeavour.  Interfaith Explorers also helps teachers to manage the challenging views and perspectives that children may bring to the school environment from the communities around them.  

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