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lnterfaith Explorers
(web resource)

Edison Learning and Maimonides Foundation 2012, free access at

Interfaith Explorers is a free online resource designed to take pupils on a voyage of discovery through Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Its aim is to promote respect and understanding between people, particularly those of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

The resource is designed to support work in many curriculum areas, including RE. It aims to complement, supplement and enhance areas of study found in many locally agreed syllabuses and faith community guidelines, and is structured in four parts: 1 Learning unit: enquiry based independent research based learning and a selection of teacher-led classroom activities focused on different curriculum subjects; 2 Classroom and teaching resources; 3 Teaching information and guidance; 4 Pupil resources: a comprehensive collection of specially commissioned video clips grouped in 21 topic areas, e.g. art, pilgrimage, dress, sacred texts. Presented as a six-week programme, this gives a valuable structure and context to what is a vast collection of stimulus materials and teacher guidance.

Some teachers will undoubtedly want to follow this programme, adapting it to the precise demands of the RE syllabus they follow. Others will want to take a more flexible approach, for example drawing on the bank of video clips to provide authentic stimulus material for their own schemes and lesson plans. Whichever route is chosen, Interfaith Explorers is a rich resource to support teaching and learning which may well find a place in work with pupils a little younger or older than the target age group.

lnterfaith Explorers is a valuable and flexible classroom resource, with a noble aim and a comprehensive bank of video resources at its heart.

Rosemary Rivett

RE Today Summer 13