Matley Primary School, Peterborough

Matley Primary School, Peterborough

Let’s Peace Together Our World 

Year 6 pupils at Matley Primary school have been piloting some of the activities from the Interfaith Explorers Learning Resource with two of their teachers, Kelly Stephens and Sam Webb and their teaching assistants.

The pupils began their session with a ‘Talk Partner’ activity, designed by their teacher Sam Webb. They discussed, first briefly as a class and then further with their partner, what came into their minds after reading the phrase, ‘Let’s peace together our world’ and recorded their thoughts.

‘The whole world gets on and there is no racism’

‘…being ignorant – stereotyping’

‘Different people come together’

‘Everybody accepts people for who they are’

‘Together… understanding’

‘There for each other’

‘Sticking together’

‘No more judging

The pupils were then organised into groups around a carousel of activities. These activities were re-visited during different times of the week and included:

  • independent research on chosen cultural aspects of the faiths
  • studying the artwork from Professor Khalili’s Peace Collection
  • creating some geometrical circle patterns with compasses based upon Islamic tile patterns
  • thinking about the ornamentation of places of worship
  • cooking Hamantashen – biscuits eaten during the Jewish festival of Purim before researching that festival further
  • making a Dreidel spinning top and learning about the origins of its use during Channukah

All these activities have been included in the Interfaith Explorers Learning Resource.

When asked what they thought they said:

‘It’s all about learning new things – things we wouldn’t know about normally’

‘they help us understand each other’

 ‘we love art – these look like photographs but they are paintings!’ (Jerusalem paintings)