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Welcome to Interfaith Explorers! It’s a great free online learning resource, supported by UNESCO, which helps pupils understand the world around them as well as respect cultural and religious diversity.

Designed to compliment RE and PSHE teaching, alongside citizenship education, it offers teachers a bank of high quality cross-curricula resources to use with pupils at Key Stage 2 and those embarking on their Key Stage 3 transition.

Mapped to National Curriculum requirements, Interfaith Explorers is a fantastic resource to enrich your school’s curriculum and can be delivered as a six-week unit or in parts throughout the academic year!

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Come and join us on Thursday 10th December 2015 for our next webinar with RE expert Claire Clinton, who will be discussing how different religions address the issue of violence; and how sensitive and controversial issues relating to religious violence and terrorism can be effectively addressed through RE, PSHE and Citizenship....
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Join our community! If you share a belief in critical learning and the use of creativity to help young people understand and respect the world around them - get involved!

Offering a platform for reflective discussion with other educators and experts, our community also provides opportunities to collaborate on future Interfaith Explorers innovations and the development of quality classroom resources.

Our community is open to anyone interested in improving learning and promoting educational best practice.
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