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Meet Ci, Sul and Rul!

The Interfaith Explorers, Ci, Sul and Rul will help pupils develop the skills to become effective Interfaith Explorers: Confident Individuals, Successful Learners and Responsible Citizens. Pupils can meet them by watching the Professor’s Challenge video.

Become an Interfaith Explorer!

Help your pupils begin their journey of intercultural exploration, by becoming an Interfaith Explorer! This free UNESCO supported educational resource helps pupils explore cultural diversity, understand and respect differences, and embrace similarities. Watch the Professor’s Challenge, read his letter and follow his Interfaith Explorer friends as they guide you and your pupils through the Learning Unit.


Hi, I’m Sul.

Dear Fellow Explorers,

I am writing to introduce you to some new friends of mine - the Interfaith Explorers.

You can learn all about them, including what they get up to, by

Read the letter

Dear Fellow Explorers,

I am writing to introduce you to some new friends of mine - the Interfaith Explorers.

You can learn all about them, including what they get up to, by exploring this website. They will also help you with my challenge - to become an Interfaith Explorer yourself by finding out more about the children around you, in your school, in your community and all over the UK.

It is my dream that people respect each other and their way of life even if it may be very different to what we know and believe. For this to happen we must try to learn more about the people with whom we share our country and our world.

Wherever you are in the UK, you can join us in exploring the similarities and differences between children of different faiths, cultures and backgrounds.

My Interfaith Explorers friends will show you how to become successful explorers, and when you do, you will get two certificates, one that you can hang on your bedroom wall and one to display in your school. You can also enter a fun competition to win a great prize for your school!

Good luck - I am really looking forward to seeing what you have achieved.

Professor Khalili


I’m Rul.

About Interfaith Explorers

Interfaith Explorers is a free online learning resource supported by UNESCO and designed to add value to RE and PSHE lessons by helping primary school pupils respect and understand religious and cultural diversity.

Competition update

Two girls looking at photos

Following careful consideration and consultation, and in accordance with the published Competition Terms and Conditions, the Interfaith Explorers team have decided not to run the planned competition this year. We will make alternative arrangements for the following academic year 2014 / 15 and keep you informed about these exciting new plans!


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The resource is mapped across a variety of subject areas as well as RE. It can be used as a planned programme of work linked to the National Curriculum or as an informative and trusted resource in response to topical social or cultural issues.

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